Cat Quest 3 looks like a speedrunner's dream dressed in pirate clothes

A pirate cat
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The third installment for the loveable action RPG series Cat Quest is finally on the horizon, and it looks like it has some exciting potential. 

Cat Quest 3 is the upcoming action RPG local co-op that follows the tale of a sea-faring cat, setting off on the high seas to find the Northern Star. However, your journey won't be carefree as, over the course of your adventure, you'll encounter hordes of pi-rats (a welcome pun), with the pi-rat king offering a sizeable reward for your head. 

There are a ton of fantastic biomes and dungeons to explore. During Gamescom, I had the pleasure of running through a few of these and testing out various abilities and guns that have been added or upgraded for the newest title. 

Getting to play through the first few islands was a blast, and that's not just because I was given control of the cannons. Cat Quest 3 has a very noticeable focus on freedom; as soon as I left the tutorial island, I was able to access every other island straightaway.

"Cat Quest 3 is something of a speedrunner's dream", the lead dev Desmond Wong says. "We wanted freedom to be the most important feature, so players can go just about anywhere." Technically speaking, this means that if you know where to find all the clues, you can head straight for the Northern Star and complete the action RPG in record time.

However, on the other hand, this world is so densely populated with treasure, NPCs, and carefully scripted lore that if you're a completionist, you could spend hours and hours finding everything there is to offer in Cat Quest 3.

A genuine treasure trove 

I was taken aback by the beautifully crafted caves and dungeons that are adorable yet deadly. Inside the cold and damp caverns lay enemies hiding behind jagged rocks and venomous plants ready to infect you at the slightest touch. While these battles can be challenging, the range of tools and weapons available does make combat slightly more straightforward.

Every single upgrade is a welcome addition to the fight and makes taking on three giant rats on steroids slightly more enjoyable

Equipping magic items gives weapons extra features, whether that be phasing through enemies or firing more shots. Every single upgrade is a welcome addition to the fight and adds some extra joy to the prospect of battling three giant rats on steroids.

There's also the allure of treasure in every single dungeon that helps spur you in during brutal fights. You can get through the game without the large amount of the items found in these caves. However, having the option to switch between weapons or magical items becomes all the more welcome as difficulty increases.

While my time in Cat Quest 3 was short-lived, it was fantastic to see the neverending sandy islands going on for as far as the eye could see. The knowledge that every single one will hold some sort of new character, treasure trove, or bloody combat is exactly what I want from an action RPG. 

Cat Quest 3 is set to release next year on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. In the meantime, check out our list of fantastic indie games for even more creative titles.

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