COD Mobile Season One release times and what's being added

The promo image for Soldier's Tale, the folklore-themed season one drop for COD Mobile
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1001 Blades Event

Soldier's Tale Operators move through the moonlight, using torches to light their way

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The 1001 Blades in-game event will air at some point during COD Mobile Season One. It offers a host of missions for you to complete in exchange for Steel and Bronze Daggers. Progress along a reward track to earn items like the FFAR1 - Mad Hatter's Revenge Weapon Blueprint and the Operator: Zero - Soldier Royal Operator Skin.

COD Mobile is still going strong, and now that we're at the start of a new year, there's a whole new season of updates to enjoy. COD Mobile Season One is called Soldier's Tale, and it looks set to bring new folktale-themed Operator Skins to the game.

Starting January 10, COD Mobile players will be able to check out a brand new map called Atrium. It's an extremely tight environment, with a fountain and a tree at its center. However, it's one of the most open Call of Duty maps released so far and certainly promises immediate action from the second you spawn into the mobile FPS

Here's when COD Mobile Season One comes out, including a look at the new weapon, Tactical Item, and more. Read on to find the COD Mobile release time for your timezone below.

COD Mobile Season One release time

New Soldier's Tale Characters crouch behind cover

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COD Mobile Season One launches on January 10 at 4PM PT / 7PM ET / 12AM GMT (January 11). At this time, you'll need to download an update file, so make sure you reload the game if you're keen to dive in.

COD Mobile Season One new weapon

A close up of the new LWE Tundra sniper rifle

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The new weapon for COD Mobile Season One is the LWE Tundra. This is a bolt-action sniper rifle that is perfect for a quick scope build. This can be unlocked at Tier 21.

COD Mobile Season One New Tactical Item

An overview of the new Trip Sensor item in COD Mobile

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The Trip Sensor is being added to COD Mobile as part of Season One. It's a sticky explosive that attaches to surfaces and detonates upon enemy proximity. When it detonates, it'll slow enemies and reveal their positions on the mini-map. The Trip Sensor unlocks at Tier 14.

COD Mobile Season One new map

A shot of the new Atrium Map in COD Mobile

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The new map being added for COD Mobile's Season One update is Atrium. This map first featured in 2019's Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and challenges players with an extremely tight environment featuring a fountain and a tree in the center of a courtyard. There are outer columns that offer some cover, but generally, this new map is very open indeed.

COD Mobile Season One new skins

Templar, Fiona St. George, Witch Doctor and Codename Lazarus jump to the left of the shot, guns outstretched

(Image credit: Activision)

Here are the new skins being offered in COD Mobile Season One's store. They're all variations on existing skins, with a folktale twist:

  • Templar — Wolfen Raider: a new wolf-themed Operator Skin for Templar as well as the accompanying AS VAL — Night’s Howl
  • Fiona St. George — Shattered Glass: this version of the classic Cinderella wears a suit of armor, and comes with the PDW-57 — Glass Silencer
  • Witch Doctor — Doctor Raven: this Witch Doctor Operator Skin gives you the chance to earn the CR-56 AMAX — Distemper
  • Codename: Lazarus — Mortal Fear: this Operator Skin features a metallic exoskeleton and the chance to earn the M4LMG — Micro Nuked

That's what you can expect from COD Mobile Season One. For full details on what's being added, check out the Call of Duty blog. Elsewhere, there's our Modern Warfare 3 (2023) review.

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