Cult of the Lamb's new DLC encouraged me to finally complete the base game

Cult of the Lamb DLC
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The second I saw the first bit of content for Cult of the Lamb, I knew it would become one of my favorite games on Nintendo Switch. I mean, cute animals crossed with eldritch horror, roguelike gameplay, and a soundtrack I’ve had on repeat since August? What’s not to love? So the second I picked it up, my little emo heart sang as I waved goodbye to my willingness to play any other game for at least a month or so. 

At this point, I’ve played what feels like hundreds of indies on the Nintendo Switch, but this one very quickly carved its own place in my heart. I spent hours upon hours trekking through dungeons, indoctrinating new followers, and decorating my camp to my gothic heart’s content. As someone who usually feels pretty useless when it comes to melee combat, Cult of the Lamb was a game I felt like I’d got the knack for, and I could clear a dungeon in a heartbeat. But this newfound confidence was eradicated the second I came face to face with The One Who Waits.  

 My archenemy

Screenshot from Cult of the Lamb, showing the Lamb sacrificing a deer.

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Given how much time I’ve spent crawling through the various landscapes of Cult of the Lamb, I would’ve thought my knowledge and ability to face the bishops would’ve sufficed. Still, after taking down Baal and Aym, I don’t think any amount of practice could’ve prepared me for coming face-to-face with Narinder. 

Taking one hit after another, I had to face more game-over screens in one sitting than I had throughout my entire playthrough until I eventually had to retire my crown and quietly admit I couldn’t do it. Until I had no choice and found out that if I couldn’t complete this final boss fight, which felt like a personal punishment for my faux confidence, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy what's to come. 

Committed to the cult

best indie games: a group of colourful diminutive cultists from Cult of the Lamb

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So the announcement of a free DLC, Relics of the Old Faith, had me incredibly excited to continue my sermon-delivering endeavors until the crushing weight of remembering I hadn’t picked up where I left off. This DLC adds a new post-game storyline for you to embark on while adding deeper combat, revamped enemies, and new modes. So if I want to continue enjoying what I consider to be one of my favorite games on Nintendo Switch to its fullest, I will have to face my fear and attempt to take down Narinder again. 

In a way, it’s the encouragement I needed to dust off my fleece and jump back into combat finally. Seen as I viewed completing the final boss battle almost as the endpoint of the game, I partially think my hesitation and speed to hang up my crown was down to not wanting the experience to be over, but now I’ve got some more content to sink my teeth into, I think it’s time to reclaim what is rightfully mine and see one of the best Nintendo Switch games through to the end. 

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