Need a reliable password manager? Keeper is a massive bargain at 50% off right now

Keeper Password Manager on a Mac
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Passwords are something most people could live without, let’s face it. While we might be very well aware of the necessity to protect all our online accounts with a username plus password combo – and perhaps more besides, like two-factor authentication – we don’t enjoy having to think up new and different passwords for everything.

Indeed, it’s long been the case that folks get so fed up with passwords that they’ll use the most ridiculously simple efforts in some cases, just because they can’t be bothered with facing the problem of dreaming up a secure password that’s also suitably memorable.

The use of majorly insecure passwords isn’t just a historical thing, though; indeed, this practice continues to this day, as recent research has made clear. There are still people out there who use the word ‘password’ as a password for an account (or maybe multiple accounts), going by a new report examining a whole boat-load of compromised passwords. The sequence ‘12345’ is another popular terrible password as flagged by this research, too.

Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to use trivially simple passwords like these, even for accounts you don’t think are that important – as you never know what leverage cybercriminals might be able to exert on your life if they get a foothold in a part of your online existence somewhere. (And that’s especially true for those who engage in another bad password habit, namely reusing the same passwords across different accounts).

If you want an easy route to dealing with passwords, and making sure they’re sufficiently complex, yet still memorable, there’s one sure way to remember them – get a piece of software to do it for you.

This is the job of the humble password manager, an application which generates incredibly secure passwords for all your online accounts, and does so automatically, applying them to logins and meaning that you never have to think about creating or entering passwords again.

Of course, if you’ve made the decision to get one of these apps, you must ensure you sign up for a good one – and to that end, we have a thorough roundup of the best password managers. And as you’ll see if you head over to that article, one of our top recommended apps for password managing duties is Keeper.

The great thing about Keeper is that currently for the Holiday season, buyers are getting 50% off both subscription plans the service offers (and any add-ons for that matter – we’ll come back to those).

Keeper Unlimited Plan: £15 per year

Keeper Unlimited Plan: £15 per year| 1 user
Save 50% - This plan caters for an individual user, giving them unlimited password storage across all their devices. Keeper also delivers a raft of other features, like the ability to automatically fill in online forms for example. This deal runs until December 31.

Keeper Family Plan: £35.99 per year

Keeper Family Plan: £35.99 per year  | 5 users
Save 50% - The Family plan provides everything that the Unlimited subscription offers, with the big addition being support for five users. Those users also get a private vault in which they can store sensitive data as an extra bonus. Again, this offer runs until December 31.

What’s the difference between the two Keeper plans you can now get at half-price? Keeper Unlimited is the standard subscription for the individual user, which gives one person everything they need to implement passwords for all their accounts across an unlimited number of devices.

If you want more coverage, then the Keeper Family subscription is good for up to five users, giving them all the same benefits as the Keeper Unlimited option – but further adding a private vault for each user that allows for storing any sensitive data (plus this plan provides 10GB of secure cloud storage).

When you take out a subscription, you’ll also get the opportunity to avail yourself of the add-ons we mentioned earlier – and these are 50% off, too. Keeper’s add-ons include a private messaging service, KeeperChat, that lets you keep in touch with friends and family – or anyone else for that matter – boasting end-to-end encryption to ensure that your chats aren’t seen by any would-be prying eyes out there.

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