Got the password blues? Keeper is a great password manager and it’s now 30% off

Keeper Password Manager on a Mac
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Passwords are very much a core part of life online, there’s no doubt about that. Without strong passwords, your online accounts could be vulnerable to being compromised, and we all know what a disaster such an eventuality might be, from anecdotal tales and news stories, if not first-hand personal experience.

If a hacker gets into your accounts and related personal data – or maybe even financial services, worst-case scenario – obviously the results can be disastrous. As an example, we’re talking about possible identity theft, with the perpetrator maybe taking out a loan in your name using stolen details, and that might ruin your credit history for example. Nasty indeed.

Therefore it’s vital to have secure passwords that are difficult to crack, and you most certainly should not have simple plain words or number sequences as a password, just because they’re easy to remember. They’re also easy to guess, and leave you potentially exposed to all the aforementioned pain.

Trouble is, of course, complex passwords, when done properly, are tricky to remember without doing insecure things like writing them down somewhere (which equally leaves your accounts open to being compromised at some point, perhaps).

So, what’s the solution to this conundrum? What you need is a high-quality piece of password management software, preferably one of the top-rated apps in our roundup of the best password managers, as these have been selected for good reason, of course. And right now, one of our favorites, Keeper, is reduced by 30% in a deal that runs until November 1, making it an even more compelling purchase.

Keeper generates a new super-secure password for every account you have, and fills in these passwords automatically for logins, taking all the strain off your shoulders (or fingers, rather). Think of it as the ultimate in password convenience, allowing you to never worry about a password again – simple, complex, or otherwise – because you’ll have someone else, or something else rather, doing the job for you.

Keeper Unlimited Plan:Save 30% -

Keeper Unlimited Plan: £20.99 per year| 1 user
Save 30% - This is the plan designed for a single user, delivering unlimited password storage across all your devices. Not only that, you get extra benefits such as auto-filling forms on the web. This deal runs until November 1.

Keeper Family Plan:Save 30% -

Keeper Family Plan: £50.39 per year  | 5 users
Save 30% - Grab the Family plan and you get everything in the Unlimited subscription, all with support for five users. On top of that, each user is given a private vault for storing sensitive data, too. Again, this offer runs until November 1.

Keeper has two different levels of subscription. The baseline plan is Keeper Unlimited and it’s designed to be used by an individual, providing coverage for unlimited passwords across unlimited devices. It does this at a tempting price point, made even more affordable by the current deal.

The second plan is Keeper Family, and as the name indicates, this caters for the needs of a whole family. Specifically, it delivers support for five users, each of whom gets a private vault to store sensitive data (and note that this subscription provides 10GB of secure cloud storage).

Don’t forget that when purchasing a Keeper plan, you can also sign up for add-ons. These include the likes of KeeperChat, an encrypted messaging service to help keep  your chats safe and secure against snoopers and other nefarious types.

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