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Spb Time review

Make time work for you

Our Verdict

You'll never be late again with these useful time-related features


  • World clocks

    Useful alarm screen

    Screensaver-style analogue and digital clocks

    Range of timers

When you want to know the time you can glance at your Windows Mobile Pocket PC's Today screen, where it will be quietly ticking away. But should you want more time-related functions, then Spb Time could be ideal. For example, it can enhance the Today Screen with four world clocks, which can be handy if travelling.

What about alarms? Well, your Pocket PC can handle these, but Spb Time gives you a rather more useful screen when an alarm sounds, showing the current time and offering two big tappable buttons so you can dismiss or snooze the alarm. Handy for that early morning lie-in, perhaps.

But the best features of Spb Time are its screensaver-style analogue and digital clocks - which could be useful when your Pocket PC is docked and sitting on your desk - and its range of different timers.

The timers include stopwatch and individual timers - the latter offering up to five separate timers able to run simultaneously. If you need to keep a handle on time spent on tasks - for example, if your work involves billing by time - these could be very handy. There are also 'skins' allowing you to personalise how things look, making this a versatile and attractive tool.