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Macware MacTuneUp review

Mac maintenance software that puts advanced tools in the hands of less experienced users

Macware MacTuneUp
MacTuneUp will let you run relatively advanced tasks with ease

Our Verdict

Decent range of options and at a decent price


  • Cheap
  • Plenty of features
  • Advanced options


  • Sys Prefs covers many features

Keeping the Mac operating system in top condition is not always child's play. MacTuneUp is designed to make the process simpler.

There are five options: Settings, Maintenance, Optimization, Sharing and Backup with access to other useful information such as keyboard shortcuts and Unix commands.

The Settings tab doesn't really offer you much that isn't already in System Preferences, but it does bring them all together in one place. For instance, if you're configuring a few Macs at once, the Settings tab makes it easy to ensure all settings are consistent.

Under the Maintenance tab things get a little more advanced, with the option to run the automatic system tasks when you want. You can also set the app to repair permissions and force the System Optimization routine, which normally only runs when a system update is applied.

In addition, you can manage your network connection settings optimising TCP, UDP and packet delay. However, if you're comfortable with this kind of thing you won't need MacTuneUp, and if you're not it's best not to tinker with these settings.

For £25 this is a solid app; we did see modest speed gains after running the suite of maintenance and optimisation tools. Coupled with this product's sister software DiskTools Pro you'd have a good troubleshooting, repair and maintenance toolkit.

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