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Cosmic Machine EventBox review

Control Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, RSS and more with this social aggregator

Despite some of the usual beta issues this is a handy time saving app to stay connected with all your online friends

Our Verdict

A brilliant 1.0 attempt at bringing lots of social networking feeds together in a semi-intelligent way


  • Coherent view for multiple sites
  • Can interact with content


  • No multiple profiles
  • Doesn't collapse duplicates

The benefits of social networking are just about balanced out by the huge amount of time it takes to stay in the conversation; EventBox aims to help. Rather than visiting a handful of sites manually, it pulls everything into a single window.

Currently – and technically it's still in beta – EventBox supports Facebook (pulling in status updates and photos), Flickr, Reddit, manually added RSS feeds, Google Reader RSS syncing and Twitter.

New events cascade in – there's a Recent and Unread view – and you can mark them as read, flagged or do network-specific stuff. New events can be announced in various ways and set individually for each network.

It's a good system, though, because some people cross-pollinate, say, tweets to Facebook statuses, you can get duplication; the app ought to deal with this. And despite support for Google Reader, you can't sync with

There are some lovely touches – such as automatically expanding shortened URLs – but while we like the ability to create rich Twitter searches, there's no syntax help given. There's also no support for multiple profiles in any of the network types, nor can you sync the read status of all the events between multiple Macs.

Regardless, EventBox is well worth 15 bucks. Get to work on an iPhone version, guys!