Sensaphonics Slic Sound review

Pump music into the centre of your brain

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Our Verdict

More trouble than they are worth and, looking like really old hearing aids, these are hard to recommend


  • If they fit, they work


  • Unsightly and poorly made

    Probably won't fit most earphones

Sensaphonics moulds earpieces for Shure, which makes incredible earphones, so the pedigree was good going into this review. Unfortunately the workmanship here is budget quality and we found this product more bother than it was worth.

It's hard to know where to begin. These cups instantly hit us as unsightly, and then we had quite a job finding earphones large enough to fit them. If your earphones are too small they just slip right out again as there is nothing to grip them.

But do they work? Well, yes if you're lucky enough to own earphones the right size - then they do channel sound deeper into your ears, and do much to cut out ambient noise. But with a poor quality pair of earphones all you get is poor quality sound pumped deeper into you. With a comfortable set of good earphones you don't need these; it's hard to see the appeal.

Three different pairs for three different ear sizes come in the box, but the opening to cradle the earphones are all the same size. In a nutshell - redundant.