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The switch on the bus goes on and off

The Municipal Railway: sit down and switch off

It may be in the name of progress, but one bus company has discovered a downside to its fleet of hybrid electric buses. Services were suspended through a San Francisco neighbourhood after pranksters worked out how to turn the fleet off.

By simply lifting an unlocked flap and hitting a switch, the Municipal Railway’s cutting-edge buses were left without acceleration, lights or, crucially, communication with the depot.

"We see this as an isolated problem but one we certainly take seriously," Muni spokesman Judson True told the San Francisco Chronicle.


"We're working quickly and diligently to forestall these acts of malicious mischief."

The malicious mischief-makers had better watch out; interfering with public transport is a criminal offence but no arrests have been made as yet.

Probably because they’ve unplugged the CCTV cameras as well…