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TechRadar's Brainfood

Each Saturday, we'll give you links to the tech reading the TechRadar team has found interesting this week. Enjoy, and add your own below!

Turning tech into telly...

(BBC) Nice piece that lays to rest the idea of a 'TV golden age' by observing how modern broadcasting technology has helped massively improve standards. INTERESTING

How cellphones will enhance reality

(New Scientist) Forget virtual reality - this piece argues how the future is really going to be about augmented reality delivered via our cellphones. The tech is there - location awareness, high res displays, wireless - and major handset manufacturers like Nokia already have ongoing projects. REVEALING

The swimsuit arms race

(Slate) One for the summer: those high tech swimsuits that athletes have been wearing look like they are going to be banned. This explains why, but given the array of technologies modern sport uses to enhance performance, why pick on this? CONTROVERSIAL

Mirror Image

(The Engineer) Want to know how telescope lenses get made? Meet the British company behind the mirrors to be used in the next generation of Earth-based super-telescopes and laser fusion systems, and find out how it's done. FASCINATING