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Welcome to the brand new all-singing all-dancing TechRadar site, the new name for

We hope you'll enjoy the new features, such as user comments, adding your own reviews and our forums.

And our revised and updated product database features more reviews than any other UK site.

In places we're still working on features, so mind the wet paint.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think.

Some good places to explore

We're still testing and refining parts of the site, but plenty of it is now more or less operational. Over the next few days, we'll suggest some useful areas to visit, so if you have a moment, do please drop by and contribute.

Our forums: drop by and add your comments to existing threads, or start up some new ones. Current threads include:

Blu-ray won: so will you upgrade?

Will 2008 be a year of product innovation?

Help us spot and report bugs with the new site