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Personal wind turbine powers gadgets

One of these should get the turbine spinning fast enough

Think of wind power and you'll probably conjure up images of huge turbines atop hundred-metre masts in Scotland. Not so one industrial design firm, which has come up with a tiny turbine meant to be worn on the body.

Yokohama-based Pleiades System Designs has just released a ¥8,990 (£65) kit it calls the 'HYmini Wind + Solar Power Battery Charger' and it looks as fun as its name is long.

On yer bike

The solar part is a standard small solar panel that can juice up gadgets in the usual way, but the windy bit is most intriguing.

That looks like a little fan in a plastic frame that can be strapped to an arm or leg. Pleiades says that riding a bike at over 9mph with the fan in place will start charging the built-in 1200mAh lithium-ion battery.

Crank it up

The kit includes adapters for getting that power onto everything from mobile phones to games consoles and there's even a hand crank for those wind- (and bicycle-) free days.