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Airbus and Cisco team up to tackle multi-billion pound defence and security market

Airbus is better known for its planes.
Airbus is better known for its planes.

Two unlikely industry behemoths, Cisco and Airbus Defence and Space, are joining forces to tackle the equally gigantic defence, security and satellite communication market.

The new partnership aims at playing on the strengths of these two bedfellows to create what Cisco calls "innovative products and systems" in software defined networking (SDN), Cybersecurity, Mobility, Cloud, Data Intelligence and the IoT.

Cisco brings in its networking design and engineering expertise with networking equipment and infrastructure while Airbus brings its industry expertise and contacts to the table.

Airbus Defence and Space is part of the Airbus group and one of the largest defence companies in the world generating about £10 billion ($14.7 billion, AU$18.44) in annual revenue and employing 38,000 people.

The deal is yet another one that highlights the attempts by defence companies to modernize their product and services portfolios as defence budgets in developed countries nosedive.

US defence contractor Raytheon purchased network security firm Websense a few months ago while rivals Boeing and Lockheed Martin have already invested massively in the commercial cybersecurity business.