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Live-action Stars Wars show may one day hyperdrive to your TV

Star Wars
In a TV close, close to you

Star Wars will soon be on movie screens again and J.J. Abrams is rumored to direct the next installment of the epic film franchise. But news has surfaced that fans will be treated to even more lightsabers than expected.

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Lucasfilm and ABC are reportedly in talks to develop a live action television series based on the popular franchise. Disney/ABC Television Group President Paul Lee apparently told TV critics in Beverly Hills Aug. 4 that Disney is in talks with the Lucasfilm studio, stating "I have an inkling in my mind, but they have a lot on their plate."

That they do. Future films aside, Star Wars Rebels, an animated cartoon TV series is also in production and slated for an early 2014 Disney Channel premiere.

Via The Verge

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