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Hubble journeys through 10,000 galaxies in 3D

Hubble humbles again
Hubble humbles again

It's rare that a YouTube video delivers both shock and awe, but the latest look at the Ultra Deep Field, taken by the Hubble telescope, in 3D is mesmerising stuff.

The HUDF was composited through a multitude of footage taken back in 2004 and as the video says:

"We pointed the most powerful telescope ever built by human beings at absolutely nothing – for no other reason than because we were curious – and discovered that we occupy a very tiny place in the heavens."

3D rendering

Essentially, the 'bit of nothing' Hubble photographed contained over 10,000 galaxies, and is an image that shows off the farthest anyone has ever seen into the universe.

The owner of the website has created a YouTube video, after he found a 3D rendering of the image, which you can see below.

The action kicks in around the three minute mark, but the introduction leading up to it is interesting insight into one of the most powerful images ever seen.