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Warning: terrorist robots in development

Professor Noel Sharkey warns of future robot wars

Professor Noel Sharkey, a robotics expert from the University of Sheffield, has warned that robots currently in development in US military labs could well be misused against the state by terrorist organisations and extremist militants.

Autonomous military machines with automatic weapons could well be a reality in the very near future and if they get into the wrong hands, the possibilities are really quite frightening.

It seems that your worst Robocop and Terminator inspired nightmares might just be coming true.

Robot Wars

Ironically, you will most probably know of Prof.Sharkey from his time as a judge on BBC’s Robot Wars. Sharkey warns that terrorists could quite easily construct a small GPS guided killer drone for as little as £250.

Prof Sharkey issued a statement this week claiming: "The trouble is that we can't really put the genie back in the bottle. Once the new weapons are out there, they will be fairly easy to copy. How long is it going to be before the terrorists get in on the act?"