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Ultrasound gadget heals combat wounds

No leg, no problem with new ultrasound healing gadget
No leg, no problem with new ultrasound healing gadget

Siemens has developed a brand new device that aims to save lives on the battlefied using ultrasound.

The Deep Bleeder Acoustic Coagulation cuff (DBAC) is a device that can be strapped on to victims of mine attacks or explosions. Ultrasound technology within the cuff automatically detects the location and severity of the bleeding within the limb.

This triggers therapeutic ultrasound elements within the cuff to emit and focus high-power energy toward the bleeding sites, speeding coagulation and halting bleeding at the injury site.

DARPA puts its money where its legs used to be

It might sound like science fiction, but the US Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is funding research by Siemens and the University of Washington, with the aim of producing a prototype DBAC within 18 months.

Richard Chiao, VP of Siemens Healthcare's Ultrasound Innovation Group says, "We believe technologies developed for this new therapeutic application of ultrasound will also benefit civilian care in the future."

As always, kids, remember that prevention is the best cure. No sticking your arms in the threshing machine just to get access to the latest ultrasound therapy now...