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New lamps cut UV to shoo away insects

Our insect friends need fear the light no longer

Summer is the time of year when evenings are often filled with the fizz and crackle of winged insects obliterating themselves on outdoor lights, but did you know that it's the ultraviolet part of the spectrum they really dig?

That knowledge has led Matsushita Electric Works to develop two new light fittings that are specially designed not to attract insects. The lamps are intended for commercial premises, which explains why they cost ¥262,500 (£1,300).

LED the key

The unnamed gear comes in two bulb colours (white and warm yellow) and uses LEDs instead of typical fluorescent tubes to reduce both ultraviolet emissions and power consumption.

With a 60 per cent cut in power usage and two thirds fewer dead bugs splattered over them, the new lamps are sure to win favour with both penny pinchers and entomologists.