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Ever wanted to see the world from the eyes of Someone With Tiny Hands? Now you can

Now you too can see the world as Someone with Tiny Hands does

Thanks to the wonders of 360-degree camera technology, you can finally live out that dream/nightmare you've always had of standing behind the podium of a televised candidate.

CNN, in conjunction with the Ricoh Theta line of spherical cameras, is granting the curious a chance to see the set of tonight's Republican debate from the viewpoint of Someone With Tiny Hands.

The fully-explorable view of the media epicenter not only provides viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at the production, but also the closest many will ever come to seeing eye-to-eye with Someone With Tiny Hands.

The debate is set to air tonight, March 10, at 8:30pm ET, and will both air live on television and livestream. The event is expected to run for two hours, which makes us glad to be on the opposite side of the podium, sitting comfortably at home with our normal-sized hands.

[We love you, WIRED!]