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Duracell enters wireless charging market

Power adapter
Charge it up with the Duracell bunny

We've already seen wireless power transfer for charging gadgets from WildCharge and now we can add a slightly bigger name to the mix through a new device from Duracell.

The Procter & Gamble-owned battery giant has apparently licensed the WildCharge pad and stuck its own logo on the corner, presumably in the hope that such a trusted name will drive sales of the new-ish technology.

Coming soon

Under the new myGrid name, Duracell says the charger will be available in October at an undisclosed price and that it will come with a choice of connectors for hooking up an iPhone as well as Nokia, Motorola and BlackBerry handsets.

While the Duracell badge will clearly help spread the wireless power gospel, we still can't help ponder the fact that most folk are going to be connecting their smartphones to a PC through a powered-up USB cable for syncing data anyway.