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Budget 2011 invests in UK technology with new innovation centre

Technology and science get a budgetary boost
Technology and science get a budgetary boost

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne today delivered the UK's 2011 budget, which spelled good news for UK tech.

The government is investing in a new technology innovation centre intended to push the country to the forefront of technological, er, innovation.

It doesn't take a seasoned economist to know that technology spells big bucks; even in financially stretched times, we consumers seem to find enough pennies down the back of the sofa for the latest tech – the rise and rise of tablets over the past eighteen months demonstrates that quite nicely.

All about the money money money

So investing in technology is a wise move for the country's coffers – and great for us because we're all for British tech taking over the world.

The new "technology and innovation centre" is likely to be the first of a series of six manufacturing and engineering centres in an initiative revealed by Nick Clegg and Vince Cable earlier this week.

£100m has also been promised to the UK science scene, with the money to be used to commercialise research.