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Big data analytics and Internet of Things voted most disruptive future tech

Big data analytics is hotting up

Big data analytics, Internet of Things and dynamic visualisation have topped a survey of technologies to have the most disruptive impact on organizations in three years' time.

Conducted by Nimbus Ninety, the survey of 195 senior decision makers and project leaders in UK organisations found that 50% of respondents expect big data analytics to be leading the way, followed by Internet of Things (37%) and dynamic visualisation (35%).

The trends are expected to usurp mobile technology, social media and cloud computing, which were voted as the most disruptive technologies of today by 70%, 65% and 64% of respondents respectively.

Changing roles

More than three quarters (78%) of respondents feel that technology is disrupting their industry sector, while 82% reported that digital disruption has changed their job role.

The survey also found that only 23% of IT professionals reported that their organisation is currently leading the disruption of their industry compared to 33% of their colleagues in other business departments.