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Avatar 2 'four years away'

Avatar 2 "four years away"
Avatar - groundbreaking

James Cameron may have teased us with the thought of Avatar sequels in 2013 and 2014, but producer Jon Landau has revealed that we shouldn't be holding our breath – with the 3D classic not getting its next episode until 2016.

Speaking at a screening of Titanic 3D, Landau confessed that a sequel is 'four years away', which means we will have waited a massive seven years from the first film, although Avatar 3 may well be filmed at the same time and screened a year later.

Despite a massive price tag, the genius that is James Cameron proved that 3D could be a major draw – with the original Avatar smashing box office records despite criticism from reviewers.

Another dimension

Creating a CGI world and rendering it in an extra dimension pushed the boundaries of movie tech, something that Cameron has been a passionate advocate of throughout his career.

With his business partner Vince Pace recently suggesting that technology had now moved well beyond what was done in the original Avatar, we can't wait to see what is planned for Avatar 2.

But Landau suggested that the footage would be filmed at 50 frames per second, but by his timeframe we will have to wait several years to take a look.

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