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Australian traffic signs getting e-inked

e-ink traffic signs in Sydney

Thought traffic signs couldn't get any more advanced? Well, you only have to cast your eyes over to Sydney, Australia, location of the world's first e-ink traffic signs, to see that they most certainly can.

Developed with the help of a company called Visionect, the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) installed the electronic paper-enabled signs to cut down on the annoying and time-consuming act of physically replacing them on a regular basis.

Just like on a Kindle, the e-ink in these traffic signs can be read clearly in broad daylight (a necessity in sunny Australia), with a light used to display information at night.

Wirelessly connected (via 3G technology) to a unique Internet of Things ecosystem, the signs can be remotely updated to keep drivers in the loop with changed traffic conditions as soon as they occur.

They're also solar-powered and extremely energy-efficient, so commuters (and the RMS) won't have to worry about the signs breaking down or displaying old information.