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Watch Doom being played on an Apple Watch and Apple TV

Doom on the Apple TV
Doom on the Apple TV.

If you're searching for diverting entertainment this weekend then the Facebook team in Tel Aviv has you covered. The developers managed to get Doom running on an Apple Watch and an Apple TV as part of a 10-hour hackathon event.

Part of this is thanks to the improved capabilities of watchOS 2: apps can now run natively on the watch rather than offloading the processing duties to a connected iPhone, making the whole experience smoother.

"Having only a few hours, we figured we'd better start with the simplest version of Doom we could find," explained Lior Tubi, one of the coders involved. "A quick search and we found nDoom which seemed very interesting. This thing runs on a graphing calculators, it should run on a watch... mmm... right?"

His colleague Mehdi Mulani managed to get the classic game up on an Apple TV too - the experience is actually much better thanks to the more powerful hardware and dedicated remote. Unfortunately the code isn't going to be released for these projects, so these videos are the best you're going to get.

Via The Verge