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SanDisk announces new solid-state drives

SanDisk's unveils its new PSSDs
SanDisk's unveils its new PSSDs

Designed to fit in the smallest and cheapest PCs and laptops, SanDisk has unveiled a new range of solid-state drives called PSSDs – standing for Parallel ATA Solid State drives.

Available in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB size, the SSD are just 3mm tall and weigh in almost 10 times less than your ordinary hard-disc drive.

The drives have a streaming read speed of 39MB/s and a streaming write performance of 17MB/s and support both Linux and Windows XP operating systems.

Ideal for ULCPCs

Speaking about the new SSDs, Rich Heye, Senior Vice President and General Manager at SanDisk’s Solid State Drives (SSD) Business Unit, said: “We’re excited to be involved in this emerging market of ULCPCs [ultra-low cost PCs], which take the concept of affordability into new directions – ones that are ideally suited to the multiple benefits of SanDisk’s technology.”

Although no official pricing or release date has been announced, expect to see the drives in ULPCs as of August. That is if you're the sort of person take your ULPC apart to look inside it.