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Hardware incompatibilities still plague Vista

Nvidia still hasn't perfected its graphics drivers for Windows Vista

Windows Vista still has problems coping with a lot of legacy peripherals. That's what we've found in an investigation into the kit that still has problems working with Microsoft's latest OS.

Manufacturers had over five years to prepare for the launch of Windows Vista. And a good few months after the second beta to start putting together drivers. But as launch day approached, there were still important drivers missing for our hardware.

One of the most embarrassing situations involved Zune, Microsoft's non-European digital music player. Creative, another in the digital audio market, is still suffering though, with surround sound cards working poorly. Even though the company has released a fix for Vista it doesn't cover all the company's kit.

Other names in the doghouse include M-Audio and Nvidia. The graphics specialist still hasn't perfected the drivers for its latest series of graphics cards.

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