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Evernote and Moleskin team-up to create new smart notebook

Evernote and Moleskin team-up to create new smart notebook
Digital and paper come to a truce

Notebook app Evernote has updated its offerings with a feature that can digitise notes and drawings in new Moleskin pads.

The notebooks, released in October, will be made with a special kind of paper, which will enable Evernote users to take a photo of the page and scan for text.

The data from the page will be stored within the virtual notebook and will be synced with the user's other Evernote-enabled devices.

Users can also place stickers on the physical pages so particular pages to be saved to certain folders within the digital locker.

Ending the war on paper

The new hook-up between the two companies aims to bridge the gap between digital and paper notebooks, while Evernote seems to have ended its war on paper.

"This is a fight that many people in the technology space have been fighting," said Evernote CEO Phil Libin. "We are announcing a cease-fire."

The functionality in the new app is tailored for the new Moleskin notebooks, but not limited to them.

Moleskin's Evernote-enabled notepads will cost £24.95 or $29.95 for the larger offering. They'll come with a three month subscription to Evernote Premium.

Via: TechCrunch