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Steve Jobs announces new Apple iPad tablet

Jobs announces new iPad to the world
Jobs announces new iPad to the world

Apple has announced the iPad to the public for the first time – looking like an oversized iPhone.

A 9.7-inch touchscreen tablet, Apple has basically blown up its mobile phone to a netbook size, but with all the functionality of a Macbook.

There's between 16GB-64GB of flash solid state storage onboard, with over 10 hours of battery life as well.

1GHz Apple A4 chip

Spec-wise, the iPad is packing an accelerometer and compass, with Wi-Fi 802.11n and there's also 3G, which will cost $14.99 for 250MB data $29.99 for unlimited.

International rate should be announced in June.

It's also running a 1GHz Apple A4 chip to power things along, with Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity for audio and peripheral connection.

Despite higher resolution, the iPad can run every iPhone app unmodified right out of the box, by doubling the pixel to run them full screen.

The iPad is 0.5-inches thin and 1.5 pounds, and there's no word on a UK release date as yet.