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Apple Pay is heading to Australia this year

Apple Pay
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Apple Pay is going (more) global, CEO Tim Cook announced today during the company's quarterly earnings call.

Thanks to a partnership with American Express, eligible customers in Australia and Canada will get access to Apple Pay later this year. The rollout will continue into Hong Kong, Singapore and Spain in 2016.

Since it launched, Apple Pay has only been available in the US and UK. While expanding to more "key" regions is a good thing, it's also still limited to American Express customers to start.

Cook gave no indication when other credit cards, banks or financial institutions in these countries would begin supporting Apple Pay.

The news of Apple Pay expanding to more regions comes on the heels of another quarter of record for the Cupertino firm. It clobbered revenue and profit from the same quarter last year, sold 48 million iPhones and managed to see growth in Mac sales. iPad sales slipped, as has been the case for Apple's slates as of late, but the company didn't seem too fazed amid its other quarterly wins.

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