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In pictures: MSI's dual-screen netbook

MSI eReader Netbook
MSI's eReader/netbook hybrid has an impressive spec sheet

One of our favourite spots so far this CES, MSI's dual-screened concept will most likely see the light of day later on this year.

The company refers to it as an eBook reader, but it's actually a full netbook running an Atom Z-series processor on Intel's Menlow MID platform – hence the thin and light design. Both screens are capacitive 10-inch displays and the device runs Windows 7 Home Premium. An SSD drive is used for storage.

The device was being kept under tight control by the MSI troops, with a heavy watching over those fawning over the device at the MSI booth.

You can pull up a keyboard on one of the screens, for example, and drag windows between the two – the second screen works just like an extended display. "All the products here won't see the light of day until at least the end of Q2" said an MSI spokesperson. Let's hope we see this one in the summer, just in time for our trip to the beach.

MSI netbook ereader front

MSI ereader netbook rear