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1m units needed for India to get $35 tablet

India's $35 tablet
India's $35 tablet

The much-vaunted Indian tablet computer has been shown off, along with the revelation that a million units would have to be produced for it to come down to its $35 price.

The revelation that the Indian government had developed a £23 Android-toting laptop made major waves, and further details are now emerging.

Speaking on NDTV, Minister Kapil Sibal insisted that he had been promised by a manufacturer that the $35 mark could be hit for an order of seven figures or more.

Million pieces

"At the moment if I were to place an order with a manufacturer today he would supply a million pieces for 35 dollars," said Sibal.

"I have been promised a million pieces for $35 dollars. We are going to supply this to our institutions so if it were to be in the retail market there would be other added costs to it - it would bring the costs up.

"If I supply this gadget to my own children in the universities it will cost $35."

"The Indian government policy on this ICT mission is that of this $35 that's 1500 rupees 750 rupees is subsidy anyway."

In other words – the tablet is unlikely to appear in a shop near you at £23.

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