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Radiohead hit out at free download figures

'In Rainbows' will be given a physical release as expected

Rockers Radiohead have reacted angrily to figures that 62 per cent of those downloading the band's new album paid nothing for it. Radiohead released the 10 tracks of In Rainbows online last month and fans could choose what they wanted to pay for it - anything between nothing and £100.

As well as saying that two-thirds of the downloads cost nothing, analyst comScore also alleged the average price paid for the album was just £2.47.

Album will hit stores soon

The band said yesterday that the album will be given a physical release as expected. It will hit stores on 31 December.

In a statement, Radiohead said these details were "wholly inaccurate [and] in no way reflected definitive market intelligence or, indeed, the true success of the project".

A lot of the criticism over comScore's stats came from the sample size, believed - though not confirmed - to be in the hundreds. "We're confident in our data," ComScore senior analyst Andrew told MTV. "There's a minimal margin of error based on the size of the sample we used and the narrow range of values."

The download was only available from their website, so "it is impossible for outside organisations to have accurate figures on sales," Radiohead said. They might indeed have a point.