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One third of Britons feel stressed without internet

"What? Service outage? But what about my online datechat tonight? Noooo!"
"What? Service outage? But what about my online datechat tonight? Noooo!"

A new report has shown that a large percentage of the British population feels anxious if they aren't connected to the internet.

Either by the mobile or the desktop, over a third of people (35 per cent) admitted feeling stressed when they were disconnected.

The report was put together by Virgin Media, and questioned 1,000 people on their connectivity habits.

Just under a third (31 per cent) said not working online upset them, with 27 per cent admitted the same when not being able to connect to friends.

Maps... I need maps!

More worryingly a quarter said no access to online maps freaked them out, and 21 per cent said online dating was crucial.

"An 'always on' lifestyle may not be for everyone but the report highlights that there is a significant number of people for whom always being connected actually increases peace of mind," said Mark Schweitzer, Virgin Media CEO.

The overall notion was that being online made people feel more relaxed, with two thirds of those surveyed admitting such.

Although a survey from a broadband provider about how much people like being connected seems a bit easy, the findings show that the UK is becoming increasingly dependent on a connection to live their lives fully.

Via the PA