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Oh joy, Twitter may start spamming our feeds with more unwanted tweets


Twitter's always playing with new ideas, but the latest one might get more than a few people inflamed.

The latest experiment, it seems, is to display tweets from people you don't follow, but your friends do.

@aleefbaypay was the first to flag it up. He doesn't follow Buzzfeed, yet a tweet from the Buzzfeed account made it into his feed. A notification above said tweet states that the account is followed by one of @aleefbaypay's followees, but they hadn't retweeted it.


The problem is obvious: if you don't follow someone then it's probably because you don't want to. Twitter has already introduced advertisements so there's enough noise as it is.

But as we said, Twitter's always testing new things, so it may never implement this new feature. We certainly hope not - can't say we're exactly wild about the idea.

We're chasing this up with Twitter to find out more, and will update as soon as we hear anything.