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Apple TV finally gets TV streaming in the UK

Apple TV finally gets TV streaming in the UK
Streaming comes to Apple TV

Apple has added the ability to stream TV content to Apple TVs with numerous reports that this feature has finally been enabled in the UK.

Television show streaming has been one of the most requested features for UK users of Apple TV.

In the US, Netflix has managed to fill this sizeable gap but in the UK we have been left wanting.

Up until now users have had to download a TV show before it could be watched.

Given that the current version of Apple TV has no actual hard drive to speak of, this was something of a pain as shows had to be downloaded to a computer then streamed through the device.

Stream team

Apple has yet to confirm the new streaming feature but given that it is appearing as an option on many boxes in the UK, it will only be a matter of time.

This week, it was rumoured that Apple was looking into building an iMac with some sort of TV functionality - this is one of the many Apple iTV rumours which have appeared in recent times.

Until this happens, TV streaming direct from Apple TV will be something of a welcomed feature.