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Apple flavoured diNovo Edge arrives from Logitech

diNovo Mini
Logitech's Windows diNovo keyboards are finally joined by a Mac sibling

Although they're undeniably stylish computers, Macs have long held the short straw when it comes to third-party peripherals, with manufacturers understandably focusing on the far-larger PC market.

Which is why it's refreshing to see Logitech announce a new Mac version of its award-winning diNovo Edge wireless keyboard.

Stylish option

The Bluetooth keyboard is just 12mm thick and sports the appropriate Mac aesthetic, with a shiny glass frame, aluminium palm rest and orange backlighting. In other words, art students in black polo necks are going to love it.

Naturally, there's the requisite sprinkling of buttons dedicated to launching iTunes, Safari and other applications and that all-important Apple key in the bottom left corner. Power comes courtesy of an equally slick recharging cradle.

Already on sale in the US, the diNovo Edge Mac Edition is likely to hit the UK in the autumn for around £150.