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New satnav knows when you're drunk

Here to help: don't drink and drive

It’s a fact that a lot of rubbish drivers believe they’re much better than they really are. It’s also true that a lot of people think they’re even better at driving after they’ve had a drink or four. So imagine the amount of damage a bad driver could do once they’ve had a few beers.

NDrive thinks it has come up with the answer in the form of the G400 – a satnav device that comes with a built-in alcohol breathalyser. While packing all the features you’d normally see in a £200 satnav device, it’ll also let you know if you’re over the limit.

If you are it’ll tell you not to drive. It’s then up to you whether you take a blind bit of notice.

Presumably for all this to happen it requires the drunk driver to actually remember to blow into it in the first place. And that seems like an unlikely scenario to us. Still, for casual drinkers who want to be extra careful, this toy could be just what you need.