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RC car sucks it up to climb the walls

It's not the AeroSpider, but you get the idea...

If you've ever hankered after a remote-controlled toy car that can, literally, be driven up the wall then either get over to Japan or cross your fingers and hope for some enterprising firm to export the latest gadget from Takara Tomy.

The ¥4,725 (£25) AeroSpider goes on sale there at the end of this month accompanied by numerous TV commercials showing overexcited adults (not kids) guiding it up, up and away.

Adult market

Indeed, Takara Tomy says it is aiming at customers in their 20s, 30s and 40s and hopes to sell a quarter of a million cars by March.

The AeroSpider uses a fan in the car's underside to create a suction-effect downdraft that lets it climb vertically and even stick to the underside of tables and other horizontal surfaces.

Although the RC range is just two metres, we can see the company's sales predictions looking ridiculously conservative come year-end.