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Sennheiser unveils mysterious transformer amp for rich people and elephants


In celebration of its 70th anniversary, German audio giant Sennheiser has revealed a brand new product that… well, it's still a bit of a mystery.

We do know it's some sort of classy, transforming headphone amp crafted out of Carrara marble – the same stuff that Michelangelo used to create his sculptures. So shove that in your opium pipe and smoke it.

At the press of a button the contraption begins to change shape, ejecting valves and emitting fancy lights as the headphones ceremoniously slide out.

It also has 2.4-micrometer platinum-vapourised diaphragms and a ridiculously wide frequency range, from 8Hz (which only elephants will be able to hear) to more than 100 kHz (only perceptible by bats) – all of which is presumably powered by the blood of influential Renaissance icons and antimatter.

That's pretty much all we know. Sennheiser promises to drop more hints in the coming weeks/months, with a full reveal set for November. The company is also working on a new 3D audio format, which it used to record a guest performance from Imogen Heap. Again, we'll know more about it soon.

And how much will said amp cost? HAHAHAHA. Yeah. Good one.