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Miller & Kreisel is back

M&K: coming to a home cinema near you soon

American 'prosumer' speaker manufacturer M&K (Miller & Kreisel) is back in the UK once more. After a turbulent 2007 and a relatively low profile in the UK, the firm is back fighting-fit with a new range and new owners.

Purchased by a group of Danish 'audio veterans' M&K, whose slogan is, 'The Choice of Professionals' is best known for 5.1 audio playback systems and claims to have invented sub/sat systems.

Born in the USA

The new Danish owners are said to have strong links with Tymphany - one of the best known names in loudspeaker drive unit manufacturer, and the sole supplier of drive units for most M&K models. The first new models from the new owners will be the M Series.

Originally designed for the post-production industry - the first customer for this system is said to have been DTS - M&K's Home Audio Division made the decision to release the range to the home cinema market.

The M series starts at £1,495 for a complete 5.1 system, with all products featuring high-quality 25mm silk dome tweeters and proprietary crossovers. Newly appointed MD, Chris Minto, recently commented, "Everyone associated with the new M&K is a dedicated audiophile".