Pokemon GO chooses Australia and New Zealand for its iOS and Android debut

Pokémon GO, Nintendo's eagerly anticipated augmented reality game for iOS and Android devices, has finally launched on the App Store and Google Play Store, though only those with Australian and New Zealand accounts can access it at the moment.

According to a tweet from Takashi Mochizuki, Tokyo tech reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo has asked US and Japanese customers to "please wait for a while" for its AR game to formally launch around the world.

The game populates the real-life areas around you with Pokémon creatures that you you can seek out using your phone's GPS and camera capabilities.

Along with 'catching 'em all', Pokémon GO lets you battle other Pokémon trainers and fight over control of Pokémon Gyms.

Though release dates have not been set outside of Australia and New Zealand, impatient iOS users might be able to download the free game now by creating a new AU or NZ Apple ID. With that said, GPS location data within the game will likely be missing or incomplete.