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tech magazine issue 13 all the stories in one place

Debrief 1

James Rivington: TechRadar

Anand Shimpi: AnandTech

Jeff John Roberts: GigaOM

Darrell Etherington: Tech Crunch

Mario Aguilar: Gizmodo

Ross Miller: The Verge

Sarah Tew: Cnet

Debrief 2

Matt Miller: ZDnet

Chris Hall: Pocket-Lint

Katia Moskovitch: BBC

Brian Bennett: CNet

Dan Siefert: The Verge

Debrief 3

Darrell Etherington: Tech Crunch

Charlie Demerjian: Semi Accurate

Dan Grabham: TechRadar

Brian Klug: Anandtech

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Taylor Wimberly: Android And Me

Talk: Inform

Declan Butler: Nature

Sarah O'Connor: Financial Times

Nat Brown: Ilike.code

Clay Shirkey: The Awl

Justine Sharrock: Buzzfeed

Talk: Inflame

Alexandra Chang: Wired

Mario Aguilar: Gizmodo

Michelle Fitzwilliams: TechRadar

Sascha Seagan: PC Mag


Gordon Dickson: Texas Star-Telegram

Charles Arthur: The Guardian

Richard Alleyne: Telegraph

Shane McGlaun: SlashGear

Scott Nichols: TechRadar

Chunka Mui: Forbes

David Szondy: Gizmag

Sam Byford: The Verge

The Week

Holden Frith: Wired

Staff Writer: Discchord

Rebecca Grant: VentureBeat

Staff Writer: InkleStudios

Harry Slater: PocketGamer

Kim Newman: Empire

Carly Page: The Inquirer