Living with Google Now

A busy week with Google's latest search tool…

Organise almost every aspect of your life with Google Now

There used to be a time when you had to get through life, unless you were very lucky, without a personal assistant.

But, with the Samsung GALAXY Note II packing Google Now, this is no longer the case – a PA is here to help you with your every appointment and they thankfully fit in the palm of your hand.

To show you how useful Google Now can be on the Samsung GALAXY Note II, we spent a week with the virtual assistant, hoping it would help put our life into some sort of order – and thankfully it did.

What IS Google Now?

For those who are unfamiliar with Google Now, it is Google's very own voice search app that takes your mobile web history, the information from your Google Calendars and Gmail, and gives you helpful hints and tips to get you on your way.

These tips come in the form of cards, which pop up in your Google Search, giving you essential bits of information with regards to things that are coming up in your week.

Monday: Meeting up

For example, on Monday we unfortunately had to get to work. We may have been sleepy eyed and not really ready for the land of the living but one look at the Note II and we knew exactly what we had to do.

Google had kindly calculated that it would take me one hour 22 minutes to get to work and gave me the time of the next train and how long it would take to get to the nearest train station.

All of this information was presented to me on a card that popped up within my search, alongside a link to Google Maps so I could navigate myself to work.

Once I was at work, I had a meeting with a friend, James, for lunch – Google Now told me this by notifying – considering it was planned weeks ago, we had completely forgotten it was happening.

Google didn't and, again, popped up with a map to tell me where to go and an estimated time of arrival. Actually, it did a little bit better than that: it subtracted the time it would take to get there and notified me well in advance so I wouldn't be late.

Turns out I wasn't late, as it also told me that there we delays on the London Underground, so I took the bus instead.

Tuesday: a day for stats nerds!

Tuesday was the day I should have got in some exercise. I say should as running outside was scuppered because of a lot of rain.

Yes, it's a lame excuse but one Google Now served up to us in the morning, letting me know that it was only two degrees outside and raining hard.

It also meant I didn't get wet as I took an umbrella for the journey to work. The one hour 22 minute journey to work (Google Now does turn you into a little bit of a statistic nerd).

Wednesday: a day of questioning

I decided to take a day away from the cards that appear through Google Now, so Wednesday was spent asking Google Now questions.

The great thing about the service is that you can speak your searches instead of typing them. As we had a Stag Do to attend the following weekend in Prague – a number of questions were asked which would help on the trip.

The English translation for bar in Czechoslovakian was asked and appeared in the search; "where is the nearest bar in Prague?" was asked and, again, results came up. Job done.

Thursday: a snapper's paradise