An aerial of Intel Headquarters Santa Clara, CA taken on July 22, 2010
(Image credit: Steve Proehl/Getty Images)

Intel is possibly the most important chipmaker in the US, having pioneered semiconductor manufacturing for more than half a century while giving us some of the best processors ever made along the way.

Whether it’s in the best laptop or the best computer for the home or office, odds are that there is an Intel processor inside it. It is one of the few companies in the world that have the chip-making foundries necessary to produce semiconductors, and so it is a major player on the processor scene regardless of how its latest processors hold up against the competition, all of whom have to look for a foundry to produce their chips.

Founded in 1968 by Gordon Moore (of Moore's Law fame), Robert Noyce, and Arthur Rock, Intel has been a pillar of the digital age since its inception and its chip manufacturing capabilities put it in a special category among chipmakers. It is currently led by CEO Pat Gelsinger.

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