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Sheep Systems Bookdog 4.0.4 review

Manage your bookmarks and synchronise collections

Bookdog is all business and the interface shows it

Our Verdict

The interface ain't pretty but Bookdog does its job admirably


  • Supports most Mac browsers

    Easy to organise and edit bookmarks

    Powerful validation tools

    Excellent built-in help files

    Automation functionality for sorting


  • Can't visit sites via duplicates dialog

Browser bookmarks provide shortcuts to a potentially limitless number of favourite websites, but unless you're meticulously tidy, your collection may become messy and unwieldy as it grows, and an increasing number of links may fail to work.

Managing large bookmark collections is tedious, but Bookdog tidies and analyses bookmarks, weeds out dead links and duplicates, and re-orders bookmarks within folders.

Rather than thoughtlessly blundering through your collections, Bookdog lets you customise various options. For example, you can easily disable re-ordering for specific folders, and when bookmarked URLs have changed, Bookdog attempts to update them accordingly.

In cases where sites may have been deleted entirely, you always have the final say regarding whether to delete bookmarks. The re-ordering process can even be automated via 'Bookdogwatch', which sorts bookmarks when you log in or quit the relevant browser.

Bookdog also provides a level of manual control that few browsers can match. Via its main window, bookmarks and folders can be dragged around and re- ordered, and buttons enable you to add details for each bookmark or visit the related URL.

And although the interface isn't pretty, it's certainly usable: labels are clear, text size can be increased or decreased, and for anyone not keen to jump right in, help files are on offer.

These files are very handy when it comes to bookmark synchronisation. Although Bookdog's dialog makes it simple to synchronise bookmarks between two browsers, the help files show how Automator and Bookdog can do this between three or more browsers.