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LogMeIn Ignition review

A quick and easy way to access your files on the move

Depending on your needs, LogMeIn also offer a host of extra tools

Our Verdict

A handy and easy-to-use way to access a PC remotely


  • A portable all-in-one solution

    USB means no need to worry about drivers


  • Some potential security complications

There are any number of USB memory keys that offer to store your data, load your favourite applications and cover any trace of your online activity. However, LogMeIn Ignition (£26 inc. VAT) is something different.

It's not so much a tool on a key, as piece of software. Our review sample came on a USB key, but it equally could have been on an iPod, a PDA or even a BlackBerry, as this is a small application that allows you to log directly into your own computer at home.

The standard way for such tools to work is that you need a browser, a software plug-in and ActiveX controls. Ignition is different. As it's installed on the USB key, you don't need to install any drivers. A control window will pop up on your remote computer, allowing you access to your files.

It's not tied to just accessing your main computer, as once you've set up a location as being on your network, you can access that too, making it perfect for frequent travellers.

The main concern of many users will be security, but as it works in line with many corporate firewalls, you won't be breaching access rights. Access is a two-step approach. First, you need to log in to your account to gain access to the application, then you need to log in to your computer before you can begin a session.

Even if you lose the device your login is stored on, security isn't breached, as it doesn't leave any footprint on the terminal you've been using to access your computer. No one will be able to trace your steps, making it a safe device to use in public locations.

Depending on your needs, LogMeIn also offer a host of extra tools, which make accessing files remotely even easier.

If you need to work from a number of locations and don't want to take a laptop with you, or maybe just need to keep in touch with what is happening back at the office, LogMeIn Ignition just made things a lot easier to handle.