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Fedora 11 review

Fedora's new release packs a punch if you're looking for an Ubuntu alternative

Fedora 11
Fedora 11 has the edge over Ubuntu if you want your software to be bang up to date

Our Verdict

A heavyweight rival to Ubuntu, this is an OS with a lot to like in it


  • Free!
  • Committed to open source
  • Cutting edge software


  • Small usability issues in installation
  • Lacks some of Ubuntu's features

Fedora 11's installation isn't quite up to Ubuntu's standards. There's no Wubi for a Windows installation, and small usability problems belie Fedora's recent attempts to be more approachable for new users.

However, when you do get to the desktop, you'll find an unrivalled array of the latest software releases. Some would argue that these releases are a little too close to the cutting edge, but we didn't encounter any problems in our several weeks of testing.

As this is Freedom Fighting Fedora, there's always going to be the inconvenience of installing proprietary codecs and system essentials such as Adobe Flash, but this is a philosophical decision rather than a design oversight.

The new release lacks Ubuntu's bespoke notification system, but there isn't another distro that can compete with Red Hat and Fedora's commitment to open source.

The number of lines of code it rolls into the kernel is unrivalled. So if you're looking for a cutting-edge distribution with an emphasis on freedom, Fedora 11 might be for you.

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