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starQuiz review

Superb, easy-to-use quiz software for teachers or pollsters

Handily, only the host computer needs the software loaded on to it

Our Verdict

Brilliant simple-to-use time-saving testing tool for teachers on a Mac


  • Teacher-friendly single install necessary

    Excellent results feedback

    Simple questionnaire building

    Automatic charts and stats overview

    Multiple publishing formats

This clever Mac teaching tool generates custom questionnaires for groups of people to fill in. The main market for starQuiz is education, to create quizzes for students, but there is nothing to stop you using the app to poll responses from other groups of people, too.

The quizzes are saved as forms to be completed by email, filled in online or they can be completed on one local computer. Only the host computer need have the software installed; the students don't need to install anything. They will however need a browser to view the HTML forms.

Where starQuiz gets ahead of the competition is in the feedback section. It's detailed and largely self-managing. Here's how it works: students need to log in before they complete the questionnaires, then after submitting their answers, the forms are saved and the software reports back to the host computer. Results are then polled in charts and arranged in stats. You can even set time limits for the questionnaires.

For more lengthy answers, say 200 words on a certain topic, there is a section for students to enter more rounded answers and for teachers to factor in scores for those answers too. But it's the feedback capability that really excels here; it's brilliant for any teacher wanting to get a quick overview of how well their teaching is being absorbed.

To jump-start our testing phases we loaded the demo 'US History' file and added a few multiple choice questions to see if our amendments published correctly. They did. Adding questions is very easy and you get a range of question formats to choose from. We stuck to the multiple choice format.

After adding in our points, we saved the amended form as an HTML file, which we could have emailed out or posted online. We posted it online and then went on to complete it. After we had finished we closed down the browser, then opened up starQuiz to see the results. The whole process was very quick and smooth; this is a tool which will undoubtedly save a lot of time for busy teachers. James Ellerbeck